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 Dedicated to the memory of:

 Stanley A. Kuta (Sr.)  

August 19, 1935 - November 10, 2011

Curator for Titanic-Mrs. Thomas Andrews

"Have a good life"

Stanley Kuta Sr.


Titanic Departing Southampton 10 April 1912

Titanic: Mrs. Thomas Andrews


Enjoy riveting presentations by Denise Vanaria as Helen (Mrs. Thomas) Andrews, widow of one of Titanicís chief designers who perished with the entire Harland & Wolff "Guarantee Group" on 15 April 1912.


Learn heretofore unknown intimate and heart-rending accounts of the Titanic tragedy and Edwardian society as Ms. Vanaria accurately recreates the life and times of Helen "Nellie" Andrews.


Each presentation is unique and the duration usually varies  from 45-90 minutes.

Performances & interactive presentations with artifacts are available for all age groups including assisted living facilities, nursing homes & special needs groups.


Victorian/Edwardian themed tea parties/socials available for any holiday or your choosing.   Step back into time and experience what it was like to be a part of Victorian/Edwardian society with Mrs. Andrews & friends.


Ms. Vanariaís credits and appearances include, among many others, Robert Ballardís famous "Titanic Revealed;" the Broadway musical "Titanic,"  Voiceover artist for "Titanic, Pride of the White Star."  Member of the Titanic Speakers Bureau.  Exhibitions of her meticulously restored Edwardian clothing have appeared around the world and she has numerous Titanic artifacts on continuous display at "Titanic the Experience"  in Orlando, Fla.  She is a Titanic/Andrews historian as well as a consultant on Edwardian fashion and clothing to museums and entertainments.

 Denise is recognised by the National Association for Professional Women.


For Information & to book an engagement with Ms. Vanaria, please contact: MrsThosAndrews@aol.com


*Fees are variable depending upon the nature and length of the desired program; venue location; travel expenses; as well transportation of artifacts.  Whenever possible, Titanic-Mrs. Thomas Andrews,  makes every effort to work within the client's budget.  


Donations of antique clothing, shoes, accessories are very much appreciated.  If you would like to make a donation, please send to:  

 Titanic-Mrs. Thomas Andrews

P.O. Box 72

Stockbridge, M.A.  01262


( For further details on each show go to Special Engagements!   Click on Blog at the top of the page which will take you to the directory on the right)

UPDATE: The New Series "The Life & Times of Mrs. Thomas Andrews" written by Denise D. Vanaria is now airing on CTSB TV  Channel 16, Lee. M.A.


 The pilot interview episode for "The Life & Times of Mrs. Andrews" along with episodes 1 & 2 are now available for viewing on youtube.


Summer/Fall 2016 Schedule:



 June 30th  2:00 p.m.

Victorian/Edwardian Fashion & Etiquette with Mrs. Andrews

Featuring many of the Gibson Girl dolls of Titanic-Mrs. Thomas Andrews collection.

Berkshire Place

Pittsfield, M.A.  

Contact Susan Groshan:  413-445-4056



September 15th  2:00 p.m.

Mt. Carmel

Lenox, M.A.

Contact Joy Andrews






Video features actress Olga Milligan as Mrs. Andrews neighbour, Eunice Bailey.



"The grief and sorrow Titanic's loss engendered has never fully disappeared; man's memory for grief is long. Immediately following the disaster, this mourning was most intense, for it was during these days that the bodies of the lost were recovered. And it soon became apparent that the vast majority of the victims never would be found. They would sleep for eternity in the sea which now claimed them as her own..."
(from "Titanic. Destination Disaster. The Legends and the Reality" by John P. Eaton & Charles A. Haas)







Elba, Helen & Eliza  1912



Helen & Thomas Andrews   1908

Florida 2010


Ttianic Author Bruce Beveridge with Denise Vanaria  

Chicago 2012

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